Aimee Reese

Bio: Aimee has been using the concept of the Red and Green Platform for over 10 years.  She takes a negative situation and shows how to turn it into a positive situation. ​ As a seasoned C-Level Administrative Professional she saw the need to help other administrative professionals learn to use the Red and Green Platform concept in their day to day to be more productive and to help them deal with the day to day stresses that come with being an assistant. ​ She started to learn as much as she could about how a persons personality type dictates and drives the decisions they make.  She has studied the Enneagram to learn about the nine different personality types and is in the process of receiving an Enneagram Certification with the Helen Palmer / David Daniels Training Program, Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition. ​ Aimee has taken what she had learned from her mentor Declan Coyle, on living on the green platform and taken it a step further to now be working on a certification as a Life, Wellness and Relationship Coach.  She currently is completing training with the Coach Training Alliance. ​ Her passion to help others live a fulfilled life by being on the green platform comes from her own experience of being diagnosed with a chronic illness. She believes that You have the Power to Choose! ​

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