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What are some good fitness tips for the fall season?

The weather is beautiful this time of year. Get outdoors. Enjoy biking, walking and hiking trails in our city, local area and state parks. Take the family canoeing or kayaking on one of our scenic waterways. Try in-line skating. All of these activities will help you and those you love stay fit and have fun. Fall clean-up activities in the yard or outdoor projects are also a great way to burn a few calories and enjoy the cooler temperatures.

Fall is a perfect time to learn new physical skills. Many gyms, schools and community centers start classes in the fall. Start learning a new activity now. By next spring, you will be ready to show off your new skills and burn more calories doing it! Try out martial arts, dancing or wake surfing, the sky’s the limit!

Be an active TV watcher. Many people gear up for the fall premiers of their favorite programs. Make it a goal to exercise while watching by walking, lunging or performing other calisthenics. Have a TV set up in front of a T-mil, stationary bike or elliptical. Don’t hang your clothes on it. Move during commercials, if you are going to be sedentary for hours. Plan exercise opportunities.

Integrate exercise into your daily life. Obvious suggestions are park further away, take the stairs, walk for 30 minutes at lunch. Taking the kids to practice, walk around the field instead of reading or chatting with other parents. Walking meetings may be another opportunity to add steps to your day and empower others. Listen to Ted Talks or other inspirational programming while exercising or even learn a second language.

Remember the days are shorter, so deal with the darkness. Don’t roll over and hit snooze. Bring your exercise clothes and go straight to exercise after work. Wear reflective clothing outdoors, carry a flashlight and have a light on your bike or helmet. Bring your phone and exercise with a friend. Enjoying fall means getting outside. Search and find new and creative ways to exercise, even in the dark.

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