Fibromyalgia and Exercise


By:  Aimee Reese

You will find many articles, forums, and blogs on Fibromyalgia and Exercise.  This is an area where most with Fibro struggle with or think their doctor is crazy even to suggest exercising while in chronic pain.

I was one of those people.  When my doctor told me that I needed to exercise at least 30 minutes a day I thought he was crazy.  I am already in pain why would I want to make that worse.  Well, I found out that exercise does help control my flare ups and the pain.

I have tried several different programs and was very frustrated when I could not complete one or could not go at the same pace.  I about gave up, but I said no I can do this I just have to modify and tweak things a bit to fit my body.

You see all these workout videos, online videos, etc. that you can exercise to lose weight and exercise and they are all good but don’t push yourself to be just like those in the video as that could set you up for failure.  Instead, modify them.

I found through the process that cardio is very tough for me, but it is important as well.  I found that Yoga is a huge benefit to me.  I found that strength training is another one that I could do.

I took all the programs I have tried over the past several years and took some from each and created my program that works for me.  Would a personal trainer approve?  Not sure but with my Fibro I have to do what works best for me as I know my limits, and I can’t push myself beyond those, or I will end up with a flare up.

Don’t be afraid of exercise. Don’t be afraid to come up with your little program that you do yourself.  Mine takes between 30 – 45 minutes depending on if I add a couple of things or not each day.

There is no right or wrong time of the day for you to do it either as long as you spend 30 minutes doing some form of exercise.  You can even just take a long walk just anything to keep you moving is all you need to do.

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