By:  Aimee Reese

This is something that some people avoid totally when having Fibromyalgia due to the stress of getting things packed, flying, or driving anywhere.

I travel all over either by car or flying.  I just plan everything out way in advance as that way there is nothing last minute to stress me out to cause a flare up before I go.  Taking a break is important as you need that downtown to get away from work and everyday things.

I book our vacation months to a year in advance.  I do this because then it forces me to take that vacation.  I also do this because it gives me a year to pay for it so that when I do go I am not stressing about having to pay off a credit card afterward.

Packing can be stressful as well because you have to make sure that you pack any medications you may be taking and the correct amount.  You have to make sure that you dress to fit the weather as if you are sensitive to heat or cold you would need to pack for that.

I recently took an International trip.  This could have been a total nightmare as I was traveling half for business and half for vacation so I had to pack two different types of clothing.  I knew I would have to take at least two suitcases as I needed my exercise clothes as well.

I started out first by getting my flight way in advance so that I could book Delta Comfort before they enlisted the rate change for that class.  This would allow me to board earlier, have a bit more leg room and a little bit more comfortable seat.

I then started doing some research on ways to pack as much as I could and save as much room as possible while doing that.  I did find some great little items where I could compress my clothes so that I could neatly organize my suitcase.

I started to make a checklist of everything that I would need to bring and slowly started checking bits and pieces off as I completed them up until I had to pack.

I had all of my luggage packed four days before leaving.  This allowed me to make sure I did not forget anything, I could weigh my luggage, and it was one less thing I would have to do on the day before I left or the day I left.

The one thing I could not completely pack would be my day to day toiletries and my medicine and vitamins.  Those I would have to do the night before.  This also could have been stressful as it is much easier to count out what you need than to take a ton of bottles in your bag.

I found a great item online that allowed me to count out what I needed and keep it all in a neat little zip pouch.

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