Fibromyalgia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


By:  Aimee Reese

You will find many articles, forums, and blogs on Fibromyalgia and IBS.  There are several who suffer from IBS already along with their Fibro.  While some of may not have it, we may develop it later.

What exactly is IBS?  While the actual cause is not known, it tends to affect women more than men.  You have diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal cramps.  It can be treated with a change in diet, lifestyle, and medications.  When you have IBS, your intestines are not functioning properly.

IBS and Fibromyalgia fall into a category of a functional disorder.  This is when your body isn’t working as it should, but the doctors are not sure what is wrong.

The pain of IBS is centered in your body, in the internal organs.  Fibro pain is in the skin and deep tissue.  Even though they both hit different parts, the causes can be related.

IBS can be debilitating as you do not know when it will happen.  You are always worried about leaving your home because you need to know where the nearest restroom might be in case you have an episode.

You have to watch what you eat as you are not sure what will trigger an episode.  Like Fibro, you have to watch both your diet and other things that could cause you to have an episode.  Keeping a journal helps this way you know what changes you would need to make.

Anyone that has severe IBS may have to a prescription as constipation is not something you want to live with nor is diarrhea.  You would like to have an enjoyable evening out with friends and not worry about where the closest restroom is in case you have to make a mad dash.

Those with Fibro can have all the symptoms of IBS or just one or even just two.  Each person is different, so really paying attention to what you eat and what type of episode you have will help you to try and live as normal a life as possible.

Diet is a huge part of this one as it has to do with your digestive system.  What you eat has a huge impact on your symptoms.  I have had to change my diet and cut back or even eliminate things.  I have had to introduce other foods into my diet that do agree so that I can have a proper healthy diet balance.

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