Fibromyalgia and Alcohol Consumption


by:  Aimee Reese

You will find many articles, forums, and blogs on Fibromyalgia and how drinking alcohol can lead to more pain.

There are several reasons why drinking alcohol when you have Fibromyalgia don’t mix well.

Here are a few of them:

  • Increased fatigue
  • Increased nausea
  • Disturbance of your sleep
  • Increase side effects of your RX you are taking for your Fibro.
  • Can counteract the medication.
  • Increased risk of liver damage
  • Promotes inflammation
  • Causes a Fibro patient to have more pain due to increased inflammation

You may have at one time been able to consume a drink with no problem but now with Fibro, you all of a sudden cannot tolerate the alcohol.   This is because our bodies don’t seem to be able to manage a toxin like alcohol very well.  As stated above, it can lead to inflammation in the body and exacerbation of your symptoms.  Some people can tolerate an occasional drink, but more than that can make your symptoms worse.

Being in pain all the time can take a toll, and some may be tempted to run to alcohol for a type of escape from the pain.  This can turn into abuse rather quickly and lead to very negative consequences, not just for you but those around you.  You would make your symptoms of Fibro much worse.  There are alternatives to taking this approach to escape from the pain.

Here are a few tips:

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