Fibromyalgia and Dealing with GERD


You will find many articles, forums, and blogs on Fibromyalgia and GERD out there.  Those of us that have Fibromyalgia may also have digestive issues and possibly GERD.  We may not have it in the beginning, and it could develop later down the line.

I did not have GERD when I first was diagnosed with Fibro I just had acid reflux.  I was taking an over the counter medicine to control it so that I could eat and that worked for a few years but then the medicine just completely stopped working.

Everything that I had been able to eat before, suddenly was causing me so much pain, and I was bringing back up stomach acid to the point that I was choking.  This was the most horrible feeling in the world as now I had to deal with another problem.

The thing with GERD is that the way to control it is by changing things that you eat.  You have to try foods to see if you will get the symptoms, this way you know that you need to eliminate those foods.

I googled, I did research, I read whatever I could to see what I could do so that I could eat and not have all this acid come back up.  My doctor recommended taking Pepcid Complete Chewable.  When you have GERD you need an acid blocker which is different than acid reducer.

When I first started going through the list of things that I needed to stop eating I could not believe it.  Most of my favorite foods were on the list, but I also knew that if I did not change this, I would suffer even more and to me, that was just not going to happen.

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