Darren Hardy



Good morning!

Today I want to talk about your greatness.
Many people tend to assume that greatness is related to one’s profession, but it is NOT.
Greatness is a virtue, not a vocation.

It doesn’t matter what you do, you can be great, and here’s how… listen to the audio above.

Action For Today:
No matter what you do, today, do it (as Kylie from our A-Team points out) with excellence.*


Stop thinking your greatness lies within doing something other than what you are doing right now.
And if you are doing something you think is important and meaningful, that doesn’t mean you are doing it with excellence, thus, it is NOT greatness.

Remember this,
Greatness is not a profession, it is a practice.
One you are required to practice, every day. Twitter

Today, go for excellence at everything you do!

Your Daily Mentor,

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