Darren Hardy

The Top Two Money Making Rules

Good morning!

Today, I am going to help you make more money.
Here’s how…watch the video above.

Action For Today:
Today I want you to do two things that will move you in the direction of making more money.

1. Write down two scary things within your line of work that most of your teammates don’t have the courage (or willpower) to do:

2. Write down two sources of training, mentorship, or personal development that you can invest in to level up your skill:

Then, go DO #’s 1 & 2 above.

Don’t just stare at what you wrote down.
You actually have to do the work.
This is what separates the super-achiever from the mediocre.
The successful from the unsuccessful.
The exception from the herd.

Be The Exception today!*

Your Daily Mentor,

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