Darren Hardy

Open Sesame


Welcome back and happy Monday!

Got your coffee, smoothie, or tea in hand?
Good! Then sit back and relax as I help you open your mind today… listen to the audio above.

Action For Today:
Here are a few suggestions to help crowbar your mind open:

1) Seek contrarian opinions.
Challenge every idea, every assumption, every belief you have. Listen deeply to the opposing view. Not to counteract it but to truly understand it. Then make your decision a product of your own conclusion, but with all sides, angles and perspectives being considered.

Be sure to listen more than you talk. Seek first to understand, before your need to be understood.

2) Encourage debate.
Ask people to offer you a counter argument. Give them permission to explain why you might be wrong. Then thank them for their courage and strength so they might be encouraged to help you again.

3) Seek new experiences.
Get out of your comfort zone. Talk to people you might not otherwise, go places you might not otherwise, eat food you might not otherwise, read, listen, watch documentaries you might not otherwise.
You can practice this when you join our private teleconference call this week: www.DarrenHardyLive.com

Which of the three above will you take on today?
Share with us in the comments below!

Your Daily Mentor,

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