Darren Hardy

The God Within

Happy Monday!

Let me ask you something:
How enthusiastic are you?

Pretty enthusiastic you say?
Well I hate to break it to you but that’s NOT good enough.

Here’s what will happen if you level up your E-powerwatch the video above.

Action For Today:
The only way I know to be enthusiastic is to just freaking BE ENTHUSIASTIC!

It’s just a decision.
Decide to reset your energy and then just act enthusiastic.
Stand up taller, smile, shake hands vigorously, hug tightly and speak with strength.
In the beginning, it might feel awkward, but soon doing the thing will bring the thing.

Too often too much is made of how to generate enthusiasm or passion.
Decide your why, chant “I like myself” in the mirror, rub crystals, beat drums, listen to Gregorian chants.
Forget all that. Take the simple approach.
The Theos is already inside you, just bring it forth by deciding to do so, then act accordingly.

Today, I ask you to live with enthusiasm.
Every room you enter.
Every phone call you make.
Every person you cross in the parking lot.
Every elevator you get on.
Every activity you engage in.
From responding to email, walking through the front door at night, to washing the dishes and taking out the trash.
Whatever, all of it. All day.

Just today. You can go to being a bore tomorrow.
Today, BE the god-like spirit you were intended to express every day.

Try it on. You just might like it.
I’m certain everyone around you will.

As Paul J. Meyer said, “Enthusiasm is the yeast that raises the dough.” Twitter (As in cash!)

Raise it up today!

Your Daily Mentor,

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