Darren Hardy

Believe in others


Good morning my friends!

Let me ask you something, who do you believe in?
And who believes in you?

Today I want to share with you a story about the power of believing in others, so listen to the audio above to understand why this is crucial to your success…

Action For Today:
Who needs your belief?

Through circumstance, setback, strife and struggle people run out of belief in themselves.
It requires someone else who sees the potential in them to help them believe in themselves again.

Who around you is living below their potential?
Who do you know is far more powerful, gifted and capable than they are allowing themselves to be?

Right now, write down the names of three people:

Today, not tomorrow, today, reach out to them and tell them what you see.
Tell them about the beauty, gifts and skills they have that they might have lost sight of.
Help them reconnect with their power, their strength.

They might need to borrow your belief in them, until they can recapture it themselves.
Today, tell them how much you believe in them.

Maybe write their names in the comments and forward this post to them.

Your Daily Mentor,

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