Darren Hardy

Why you are NOT special


We are all special, I get it.
You’re parents probably stressed this to you for years.
Listen to the audio above to learn what they neglected to also tell you…

Action for today:
Rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 5, 5 being sainthood.
Not how you wish to be, but how others would rate you right now.
Then add up your score, read the key and weep (probably).

1. Loving
2. Integral
3. Humble
4. Courageous
5. Funny and fun-loving
6. Vulnerable, Emotionally Open
7. Kind
8. Disciplined
9. Joyful
10. Self-Confident
11. Generous
12. Self-Aware

Under 15: You are the next Genghis Khan.
16 – 30: Your better have a magical gift, tons of money or lots of accumulated blackmail or the tribe will vote you off the island, stat!
31 – 45: You can do better. Keep working on it.
46 – 60: Nice, now grow your gift so the world benefits.

Pick one of the attributes above and exercise it fully today.
Tell us which one you pick in the comments below.

Your Daily Mentor,

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