Darren Hardy

Mamba out

Not too long ago, Kobe Bryant played his last game with the LA Lakers, ending his 20 year career. Kobe Bryant as you know is one of the most successful basketball players of all-time.

Whether or not you are a die hard Kobe fan, one thing cannot be ignored, which is what I want you to take away from today’s morning mentor chat. Watch the video above to find out.

Action For Today:
Forget 10,000 hours for right now. Today I want you to just set a target of 1 hour…
Just 60 minutes of deliberate practice and improvement on one skill that most improves your life.

Can you do it?

Remember, this is on the one skill that most improves your life.
Why wouldn’t you?

But, remember now, this is focused, tracked and deliberate practice.

Now this is only 60 minutes for today is all I’m asking.
Not the entire day, or the whole week or month.
Just today, work as hard as you did when you first started.
Show up today with the same vigor, passion and excitement as you did in the beginning.

Now, once you get there then MAYBE set your sights on continuing this challenge every day for this new week.
But that’s up to you to decide.
As my shirt* says, “If you aren’t improving, you’re falling behind.” Twitter

(Want one? Rock the tee here)

So, you in?
I hope so.

And if so, then this will become one of the most important morning mentor chats you’ve experienced.
This day is then a glorious and triumphant day indeed.

Let’s do this!

Your Daily Mentor,

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