Darren Hardy

Easy or Hard

Today we celebrate the 6 Year Anniversary of The Compound Effect!
Thus, I find it appropriate that the theme of our morning mentor chat today to be about our CHOICES.

So let me ask you a question:
When faced with a choice… do you choose taking hard action or to make the easy excuse?

Let’s find out in the video above!Action For Today:
Over the past week name three times when you chose the easy excuse over taking the hard action:
1) ___________________________
2) ___________________________
3) ___________________________

Today, what hard action will you take where making the easy excuse would have been compelling?
1) ___________________________
2) ___________________________
3) ___________________________

Today, do it HARD.

Make this your mantra for today: No Pain, No Gain. Push past yesterday’s best. Twitter
Or level up and rock the tee you see in the video by getting geared up HERE.
(Comes in V-necks and different colors too!)*


What hard choice will you make today? Share with us in the comments below.

Your Daily Mentor,

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