Darren Hardy


You’ve made it! Congratulations!!
Here we are at Day 10 of our journey.

To wrap up this series, let’s talk about this final step…

Action For Today:
I have created a final “one-sheeter” —a boiled-down summary of key points to your 2016 and 10-year plan. Download the document (I sent this out in today’s email feed) and post in a variety of places so that you can see it on a daily basis.
This, combined with your Weekly Rhythm Register, is all you need to keep you on track daily.

You have graduated.
Life has no limits for you now.
Go out and make 2016 the best year of your life!

Now, I’d love to know your thoughts on this series.
What did you love the most?
What are you most excited to put into action and get started on?
Share with me in the comments below! I look forward to reading your shares!

Your Daily Mentor,

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