Darren Hardy


Good Morning and welcome!
I see a couple fresh faces out there joining us today!

I want to kick off this series in helping you make the leap from good to GREAT with one of the most important steps in our journey to greatness.

To lead us into step #1, I want you to consider these questions…

Action For Today:
Today, let’s start at the end.
Your life is over. What will be said about you when you are gone?
What will be the description of your life, who you were, what you did and who you touched?
What difference did you make – positive or negative and to whom?then is determined by what you do (or don’t do) starting today.

The time to write your eulogy is now.
Let’s decide what you want said about you, then we’ll build a plan so you can start living up to those words from today forward.

If you need help, Download and complete the PURPOSE worksheet I sent out in today’s email feed.
BTW, if you did NOT receive the email feed for any reason, subscribe to the emails using THIS FORM and on the Thank You Confirmation page, you will find the downloadable link to today’s worksheet. (Don’t worry if you are already subscribed, you will NOT receive multiple DarrenDaily emails if you need to use this form again!)

And don’t worry if you aren’t clear or if you don’t know what you would write for any of these; I will help you through the entire process on the provided worksheet.

Set aside the proper time to go through this process.
These are life’s great questions; take them seriously, and play full out.

You will now have NO EXCUSES. If you don’t live the life of your dreams it will be your own damn fault.
You can remind yourself of that every morning you wake up and sip your coffee*:

Your Daily Mentor,

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