Darren Hardy

Have a holy moment

Happy Friday!
Let’s make it a Flashback Friday… Today I am going to back to 2002 when I first filmed this video.
The advice is as true today (and more needed today!) as it was then.
And really, the principles of success are evergreen and haven’t changed since the first homo erectus grunted his first excuse. Watch the video now…

Action for today:
Ok, now is your opportunity to have a holy moment.
In fact, why not make it a holy Friday!

Tempted to stop by the donut or bagel shop on the way to work today for breakfast?
Go for a piece of fruit instead.

Out for lunch, and not feeling the salad on the menu today?
Get it anyways and much away!

After work, feeling tired and just wanting to go home and turn on the TV?
Read for 30 minutes instead in a skill development book.Happy hour?

Happy hour?
Choose instead to get your butt to the gym! Or go for a light jog or how about a long brisk walk with a loved one.

Yes, I know it’s Friday, but I’m counting on you to stick it out with me today.
Let’s have our moments of holy together!

And if you want to go for gold this weekend, choose to spend time with elevated associations that will enrich your conversations, engage you in growth and learning, and keep your holy streak going!

Peace be with you.

Your Daily Mentor,

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