Darren Hardy

Which tribe are you in?

Happy hump day!

Let me remind you, we are five months deep into our sweet 2016! Do you feel it yet?!
Are you making strides towards your BIG, hairy and audacious goal for this year?

If you’re not quite sure, then today’s mentor chat will be the prescription you need to stroke the fire in your belly, give you that extra boost of energy, and remind you of what separates YOU from everyone else:

Action for today:
Let’s jumpstart your life by recreating the guide map to our dreams and goals.
And to do so, first do this:

Today, think beyond only what’s necessary.
Separate yourself from most people – the average, the ones that just want to get by…
Challenge yourself to think about what’s possible for you – if you really pushed and stretched yourself.

Jot down three things you could do if you decided to dig in and really go for it.
Just write them down, you don’t have to commit to doing them (yet).

I just want your eyes seeing what you write, thus sending the signal to your brain.
The brain is powerful when you declare what you are going to do.

And declare one of your three in the comments below!

Your Daily Mentor,

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