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10 Things No One Tells You About Losing Weight


Weight Loss Realities

When I drop these 50 pounds, my life will be amazing and my troubles will disappear. Who hasn’t thought that when starting a diet? The truth is, some aspects of your life will be much better—but there could be a few unpleasant surprises, as well. Starting with:

1. Losing weight doesn’t equal happiness.

Yes, setting a goal and reaching it will feel incredible. But don’t expect it to fix any problems with your spouse, your job—or yourself. A study from University College London followed nearly 2,000 overweight people for 4 years. The researchers found that people who lost weight were nearly twice as likely to be depressed as people who gained or maintained their weight. Lose weight to feel better and live longer, but seek out a professional counselor for any emotional issues that are troubling you.

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