Darren Hardy

What’s your defining moment?


This story is my coming of age moment…
Because it was the moment my heart was broken and the moment I was finally liberated.

Whether or not you’ve heard this story before, today I want you to hear it with new ears;
So that today can be that moment for you too!
Let me share that moment with you now:

Action for today:
Make today the day you FREE yourself.

Let’s be real, are you living a life for someone else?
Is your home, your path and the work you do, the way you live your life, and the person you’ve become aligned with YOUR own vision, or the vision of someone else?

How can you break free from the bondage of living to please, and move more towards living for your own dreams and passions?

Think about what success means to you and write down three ways you will start living out that definition today!

Your Daily Mentor,

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