Food Tips


by:  Katherine Elyse Blake

Make your Skin Glow for Summer

Make your skin glow for the summer by using variations of the recipe below.

The omega 3 present in mackerel makes the fish perfect for skin health and optimising plumpness of the skin.

Serve with spinach for a kick of Iron and a boost of energy and sprinkle with sprouts.  For this dish, I used this weeks Ingredient of the Week “Super Sprouts” by Good4U Nutrition.

Prep time; 5 minutes maximum.

The sprouted lentil mix consists of mungo beans, lentil sprouts & Adzuki beans which are all excellent sources of fibre and protein, rich in B vitamins, folic acid and trace minerals copper, manganese, and zinc. All great for everything hair, skin and nails. The nutritionally dense, low calorie mix can be sprinkled over salads or even blended in soups.

This unique powerful mix of four sprouted seeds has published research on its anti-cancer properties. It has a piquant flavour and packs a powerful punch of nutrients.

Here is what Good4U Nutrition claim about the product:

Key Benefits

  • Living food, rich in essential nutrients, phytochemicals and enzymes
  • Contain an abundance of highly active antioxidants and powerful plant compound
  • Helps protect the body from cancer, heart disease and diabetes
  • Easy to digest and absorb nutrients due to high enzyme content and bioavailability (cell wall of sprouts is not fully formed)
  •  Low calorie, high fibre

Anti-cancer properties

  • Published research on anti-cancer properties
  • Rich in sulforaphane (up to 50 times more than mature broccoli) an anti-cancer compound which helps mobilise the body’s natural cancer fighting resources and reduce the risk of developing cancer
  •  Eating sprouts will let you enjoy nutrients without the extra calories. It will also make you feel fuller and stave off hunger longer. If you are looking for a way to lose weight, include sprouts in your diet to fill you.

Tasty and Versatile

Sprouts are beneficial to your health. Apart from that, they are also very delicious. Including them in your diet is easy and they can be added to salads, soups, meat, veggie dishes, and pastas to make them more scrumptious and appetising. Its crisp and flavour make dishes delicious.

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