Darren Hardy

What’s in your head?

People are always thinking and talking about one of four things, driven by one of four psychological motivations:

1) Things (envy)

envy kids

2) People (gossip)


3) Thoughts (anger)


4) Growth (aspiration)
Andrew Wash

The mediocre mass spends their days thinking about, worried about, planning and scheming about and talking about one or all of the first three.

The achiever  spends precious thought, planning and discussion only on number four.

Action for today:
Today, take notice of what you think about and what your conversations are about.

Take notice of what the people around you are talking about.

You will know if you are spending your precious time hanging around the mediocre mass… and if you are a member of that herd yourself.

Either way… move away, quickly.
And refocus all your thoughts, plans and conversations on number four above.

What will you think about today? Share in the comments below!

Your Daily Mentor,

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