Darren Hardy

The Success Stopper

fear of fear

Most people never live up to the potential they have been given.
The results they produce and the life they experience are only a tiny fraction of what they are truly capable of.

Why? What stops us?
Only one thing: fear.

But here’s what I want you to remember:
Fear Is Not RealTwitter

Sure, it feels real—the pounding heart, knocking knees, and sweaty palms.
Those are real enough symptoms, but the thing we’re actually afraid of is an illusion, an invention of the mind.

Ultimately, a spider can’t make you scared.
A prospecting call can’t make you scared.
The only thing that can make you scared is how your mind interprets those things.

Fear is a phenomenon that resides entirely within your own brain.
It’s the mind that gives every interpretation meaning—it’s your mind that conjures the negative emotion.
Fear itself doesn’t actually exist.
Fear is not real.

Action For Today:
I want you to remember, especially today, that the fear itself hurts more than the thing you’re scared of.

Now write down 3 things you are fearful to do at work today- things that cause you stress or anxiety.

Then answer these questions:
If I do this…
-am I going to die?
-will I physically injure or hurt myself or someone else?
-OR- will doing this one thing actually HELP me in work today?

If you answered yes to only the last question, then I think you know what you need to do 😉
Now go forth, muster up your 20 seconds of courage, and make me proud!

Your Daily Mentor,

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