Darren Hardy

The Best Day of the Week


Action for today:
Reschedule any low priority meetings, phone calls or other appointments that can wait until Thursday or Friday.

Assign as many important projects to your team as you can first thing this morning.
If it’s NOT important, don’t assign it, especially today. Don’t ruin their Tuesday.

Block out a few 90-minute chunks on your calendar to do your most important work.
You know that project you have been meaning to get to but never seem to be able to as the day continually gets away from you.
Yeah, that one.
Block out time today and dive deep into it.

Stay off email and social media as much as possible today.
It will all be there tomorrow.

Today is for leveraging your MoJo to its fullest and crushing your MVP (Most Valuable Priority).

May the force be with you today!
Go get’em!

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