Food Tips


I.O.T.W The Dragon Fruit

by: Katherine Elyse Blake

At just 60 calories each, high in fibre and rich in antioxidants this fruit is great for both skin and gut health.

Its nickname is the “Strawberry pear” (real name: Hylocereus undatus)-native to South America.


The antioxidant rich fruit is also packed with nutrients such vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3, minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus, polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein & fibre.

Health Benefits:

Fibre: Great for digestion and gut health

Calcium: promotes healthy bones and teeth,

Iron and phosphorus: promotes healthy blood, great for the cardiovascular system, tissue formation, the immune system and faster healing of bruises and wounds.

The seeds of dragon fruits are high in polyunsaturated fats (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) that have been shown to reduce triglycerides and lower the risk of cardiovascular disorders.

Dragon fruits come in 2 varieties; one with white flesh and one which is pink colour. The pink variety being much more flavoursome.

Like other red fruits, pink dragon fruits contain lycopene. A great beauty ingredient in my opinion. It fights free radicals and promotes healthy cell function.

Over the next week, I will include this fruit within my recipes to show the versatile ways in which it can be eaten.

On today’s menu, we have The Dragon Fruit Sorbet.

Prep time, all of about 5 minutes!

This refreshing dessert is great for summer or after a heavy meal.

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