Darren Hardy

Don’t look back…


Happy Earth Day!

Today while we celebrate increasing awareness on solutions that will help protect the future of our environment, I also want to introduce some measures you can take to protect your own future in terms of your growth, well-being, and development.

In the audio above, let me share the epiphanies I had starting with a horrific scene I saw recently…

Action For Today:
Today, think about what past stories you have been holding on to.
Are they stories of your glory days, or are they memories haunting you like the ghosts of past?

Allow yourself to unshackle the chains and weight that have been holding you back from living up to your greater potential and just… LET IT GO.

Remember as my mentor Jim Rohn taught to have your past be “a school master, not a club.”
Let it instruct you, not continue to beat you down. Look back for lessons, not excuses.

It’s great to achieve, celebrate your victories and be proud of your accomplishments, just keep your eyes on the road ahead and not fixated on your rear view mirror or you too, might find your life accidentally smashed into an object you didn’t see just in front of you.

But at the same time, because you are not constantly looking back, you are able to fully grasp the beauty that’s up ahead.

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