Darren Hardy

Are you aware of the drugs in your household?

“That’s preposterous!” you say. “How can you even say such a thing.”

But do you realize that there’s a drug dealer in your family room, right now?
And you put him there. You even paid for him to come in.
Don’t believe me?.


Stop allowing depraved news media to pollute your mind and cripple your energetic capability.
It wounds your spirit and creative capacity more than you know.

Stop focusing on what’s wrong with the world and refocus your attention on what you can do to make your world right.

What controls your attention, controls your life.

Point your attention to what’s hopeful, positive, possible and abundant and your life will go in that direction.
Point it towards what’s negative, frightful, scarce and worrisome and your life will go in that direction.

It’s time to COME CLEAN- Stop using your attention towards the news on TV, scandals in tabloids, fear-mongering articles in the paper or online, and negativity pushing posts on social media.

Your attention is your most sacred gift.
Don’t give it to The Wolf and Friends.
Give it to your family, your goals, your dreams and ambitions.

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