Darren Hardy

The fastest way to happiness

I heard a story back from my interview with Jack Canfield about Ken Behring, the real estate developer and the former owner of the Seattle Seahawks NFL football team.

I found the story profound and worth considering, especially for those searching for more meaning and joy in their life, so I want to share it with you in our mentor chat this morning…

Ken described how in how own life he had gone through 4 stages:
The first stage was STUFF.
Ken felt that if he got the right stuff, he would be happier.
So he got the nice car, house, boat, etc.

But he wasn’t happy yet. So the next stage he calls BETTER STUFF.
So he got the better car, the better house, the better boat, and the better airplane to be happier.


And not surprising, he still wasn’t happy.
Ken figured he was focusing on the wrong “stuff,” so he calls the next stage of his life DIFFERENT STUFF.
This is when he bought the Seattle Seahawks.


Don’t confuse the smile on Ken’s face as happiness, because he still hadn’t found it.
And he was stumped at what to do next!

Around the same time, one of Ken’s friends invited him to Europe to hand out wheelchairs to kids who had been born without limbs or who had lost their legs as a result of having stepped on a landmine.

Ken accepted the invitation, and after the trip Ken said that the experience he had helping the kids was the first time in his life that he had been truly happy.

When he returned home, he started the Wheelchair Foundation, which has now given away more than 750,000 wheelchairs to children and adults all over the world.

Ken had finally arrived at stage 4: PURPOSE.
What Ken realized, and what I want you to remember, is this:
The greatest happiness comes when we are serving a purpose. Twitter

Action for today:
Today I want you to jump straight to phase 4, and answer these questions:

What purpose are you passionate about serving?
Why? What happiness does this bring you?

Start with these three, and you will be happy with what unfolds.

What is your purpose?

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