Darren Hardy

Why talent fails


Good morning!

I heard a story the other day that reminded me of the reality we face in today’s world.
Now more than ever we have thousands of talented and bright young minds…
that most people have never heard of (and possibly never will).

Think about the last time you came across a singer on youtube that blew your mind by their voice and talent.
I’m sure you’ve seen more than one of these young wonders…but where are they now?
Did they make it to the big leagues? Probably not.
Talent alone is not enough.

This brings me to today’s mentor chat topic:
Why does talent FAIL?
And what is the commonly overlooked factor of success?
Let’s talk about it in the audio above.

Action For Today:
Answer the questions below:

What key skill do you want to be great at?
What are you doing to make tiny improvements on it day by day?

Understand that becoming great at anything requires experience, which means it takes (consistent) work and (a lot) of time.

Remember as Michael Jordan said, “Everyone has talent, but ability takes hard work.” Twitter

Now, let’s get to work!

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