Darren Hardy

The MOST evil list of all


The most EVIL list of all you say?
While you may not know what this is off the bat, many of you are already using it.

In fact, you may have made one of these lists before turning on your DarrenDaily this morning.
Listen to the audio and let me enlighten you to what is hurting you each time you create this list…

Action for today:
This morning, instead of making a long list of your to-dos for the week (which is probably a transference of all the stuff you didn’t do last week), SCHEDULE everything you WILL do next week into your calendar.


You’ll make several discoveries:
1) You’ll realize you are trying to do too much without the actual available time to do them in.
Doh! No wonder you keep dragging your to-do list from one week to the next.

2) You’ll be WAY more strict about what is actually important enough to go ON your calendar.
Lots of minor stuff gets flushed.

3) You’ll actually DO what gets scheduled. Ta-dah!


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