Food Tips

The Best Time of Day to Give in to Cravings and Inhale a Giant Cheeseburger

High fat foods study

Reduce the fallout on your hips.


Let’s be real: You know that chowing down on chicken and waffles, or a big ol’ juicy burger, is not a good idea—espeically if you do it more than once in a blue moon. Fatty foods can increase your risk for a range of diseases, not to mention make you feel pretty crappy. But if you’re going to splurge anyway (because sometimes you just need some wings), science says there might be an optimal time to do it.

According to a new study from Texas A&M University, consuming bad-for-you foods earlier in the day (think: before lunchtime) may reduce how inflamed your cells become in response. The issue with high-fat foods—especially those high in saturated fats—is that they can cause chronic inflammation in your cells. In turn, that causes a whole host of health issues. We’re talking everything from diabetes to depression.

The later you wait to indulge, the worse you’ll feel afterwards (we’re looking at you, midnight snackers). That’s because shocking your system with a huge dose of fat can disrupt your body’s internal clock and throw off your circadian rhythm, which controls your sleep-wake cycle, hormones, and much more. Totally explains why you feel so sluggish after going overboard on the nachos.

The lesson? Saturated fat should still be avoided whenever possible, but if you are going to #treatyoself, do it with a giant stack of syrupy pancakes on Saturday morning.

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