Darren Hardy

Busting the Diet Myth



Happy World Health Day!
Yes, there is such a thing. Thanks to Google! :)

Before we can take care of the world’s health, we have to take care of our own health.
So today is a great day for doing an assessment check on your current health.

Before you start diving into the newest diet or health fad, let me share with you in the audio above why diets don’t work(and how really to achieve long lasting great health)…

Action For Today: 
So, what’s the solution?

Go to work on YOU, not your weight, your relationships or your finances.
Work on you, your beliefs about yourself and your personal philosophy—who you are and who you feel you are worthy of becoming.

Write down three positive statements about your current health and your BEST SELF.

Then share one of your positive statements in the comments below to declare it loud and proud so we can be your bolster of support!

And remember,

You will only ever have the health that matches your level of self, meaning your self-image and self-worth.

Thus, you can only achieve the health you think you are worthy ofTwitter


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