Darren Hardy

Don’t listen to your parents


Don’t listen to your parents.

I know some of you may be feeling uneasy right now, thinking “but I’m a parent!”
Or maybe you are saying, “But I love my mom and dad!”

Listen to the audio to understand why I think (in many cases) you shouldn’t listen to your parents…

Action For Today:
Are you living the life someone else wants for you?
Before you jump to a “no!” reaction, reflect deeply on this question.
Most people are unconscious about what influences have directed their life choices to date.

Look, your parents (or others around you) want that life for you for one of two reasons:
1) They want the best for you (from THEIR perspective).

2) They want the best for themselves (how what you do reflects on THEM).

So, what do you do?
Understand their intent and perspective and then do as Joseph Campbell said,
“Follow YOUR bliss.”

Fly baby… FLY!

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