Darren Hardy

No whiners!

Life is not fair.
Deal with it.

Life is like baseball:

What have you been whining, crying and complaining about recently?
Seriously, what was your last complaint?

Not sure? Ask your spouse, co-worker or kids—they’ll tell you.

Action for today:
Now smack yourself in the head.
Tell yourself to get over it.
And quit your sniveling, moaning, groaning and bellyaching.

Or as my dad used to say to me… “or I’ll give you something to really cry about.”
That’s a truism about life–keep crying and you’ll earn something to really cry about.

Here’s what I like to call a “motivational” poster:

No whiners

Throw this up on your office wall and start living by it!
(You can change out your, or someone else’s, phone or computer screen here too)

Life isn’t fair, get over it, move on, kick butt, rinse and repeat.
Have a great day!

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