Darren Hardy

What are you doing?

Good morning!

Let me ask you something:
What are you doing with your life?

I really am curious.
And hey, please don’t just shrug your shoulders or tell me what you think I want to hear.
Because here’s what I mean when I ask the question…

Action For Today:
Take a look at your goals.
Are they pursuits of fame, recognition or success?
Is your motivation primarily for one of those values:
A title, a ranking, a monetary target or to look better?

Maybe re-evaluate your goals:
Toward the impact of the value you can bring – to whom and for what valuable impact.

Maybe re-evaluate your motives:
Instead of a desire to achieve a title, recognition and revenue goals…
Focus on how you can help improve the lives of those you aim to benefit through the use of your talents, energy and capabilities.

Let the rest of the populous (those who don’t read DarrenDaily) spend their talents trying to achieve the ridiculous.
But not you.
We need you to bring your value to the world.

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