Darren Hardy

Enemy #1

Good morning!

Welcome to Day 1 of our newest series:
BREAKTHROUGH: Conquering the Three Enemies Holding You Back

Today I want to talk about the #1 killer to your success.
There’s one factor that is one of the greatest inhibitors to your success…

Are you ready? Ok, watch the video above and let’s get started!

Action For Today:
Bombard yourself with resources of positivity, hope, and abundance.
Buy a book or audio program that will help install your new belief system of success.

Also, hit the OFF button if the source is NOT feeding your life with positive value.
Turn off your TV if it’s not feeding you positive messages.
Turn off your radio if the lyrics are negative.
Cancel your newspaper subscription.

Trust me on this one.
The peace and silence will give you the mental, emotional, psychological and time space you need to focus on the goals and dreams you desire.

Since you are starting today with a “new pair of eyes,” see how the rest of your week unfolds…

What will you hit the OFF button for?

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