Darren Hardy

Please Tell Me…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Please tell me I can’t do something.
Really. I love it. It totally pisses me off, thus fires me up.

Here’s why… (Watch video above)

Action For Today:
Who has told you, you can’t?
Who has said you aren’t good enough, old enough, too old, not experienced enough, talented enough, good looking enough, smart enough?

Scan your archives and find some haters.
(new DarrenDaily t-shirt design coming soon!)

Oh, but YOU live in a pollyanna commune and no one has ever told you, you couldn’t.
I doubt it, but let’s say you can’t remember any haters.

Well let’s make some…
Do this, come up with a new big, scary and audacious goal.
Something you’ve always wanted but you just weren’t motivated enough to do what it takes to achieve it.

Now go around telling people your big a$$ goal.

When someone starts to hate, be doubtful, question you critically or flat out say it can’t be done.

Excitedly say, “Great, can you please write those words on this piece of paper and sign it: ‘I don’t think you can do it’ signed Joe.” I want to look at this everyday. I want these words to inspire me to keep going… And when I achieve the goal I’m going to send this back to you with a thank you card. (Look directly in their eyes and hold your smile a little longer than is normal.)

Collect three of four of those and put THAT on your vision board.
That’s way better motivation than the pictures of vacations, cars and houses you have on there now.

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