Darren Hardy

The Answer to ALL of Your Problems

When I ask someone what they want to improve in their life, I hear things like,
“I need to make more money” or
“My marriage is unhappy” or
“I need to lose weight.”

But these are simply symptoms of the problem.
The cause of the problem is…
And this is probably one of the most sobering understandings you can reach as you work toward your stated goals.

Hey, don’t get all defensive on me.
You’ve got to see the light in this too!
You may be the cause, but this also means you are the ANSWER!

Whatever it is you want to change—your marriage, your financial situation, your weight—you’ll never achieve lasting change until YOU change.
Once YOU improve, everything else around you will improve.

Action for today:
When it comes to achieving your goals, remember it is not your goals that need to be worked on, it is YOU.

You don’t get in life what you want; you get in life what you are. Twitter
You will only have the level of success in any area of your life that equals your level of self-worth.
But the human tendency is to engage in the study of effects, while giving little attention to the cause.
People say it’s the fruit that’s bad without studying the roots.

This is the most important personal development distinction you can come to realize.
IT (health, marriage, money, career, etc.) is not the problem; the problem is YOU.

IT will only be as great as you are.
If you work on IT, it will continue to elude you.
If you work on you, IT will rise to the level of the new you.

So, write down one thing you want or want to change.
Now write down 3 ways you can improve yourself in that area.
Declare and share your one thing in the comments below.
Attack them today.

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