Darren Hardy

The Great Search Engine

Good Morning!

Got your coffee, tea, and smoothie in hand?
Great, because today I want to reveal to you the great and all-powerful search engine.
(And no, I’m not talking about Google)

Watch the video above

Action for Today:
What search results do you want?

Focus your mind and thoughts only on what’s positive, what’s possible and the ideas, people and actions you need to make it happen.
Do not give energy or attention to worry, fear, doubt and potential failure.
Keep your search engine working on the positive results you seek.

Focus only on what you want to have happen.
NOT on what you don’t want to have happen.
You will get either, depending on which you think about.

Monitor your attention and focus today.
Make sure you look for what’s positive and what’s next to make the progress you seek.
Don’t give any mind to the negative, gossip, complaining, blaming, fear or worry.
Those are all search engine inquiries. And you will get the corresponding results.

Begin today to focus only on the things you want to see, such as happiness, love, connectivity, ease and success.
Your results will begin to change at once.

Be diligent about what you search for (think about).
What you search for, you get. Twitter

What will you search for?

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