Whose Side Are You On?

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In honor of March being National Nutrition Month, this morning I want to give you a simple no nonsense guide to better health.

Getting healthier, feeling better and looking great is a lot simpler than you think…

Action for Today
So whose side are you on?
Are you on the side of ignorance and neglect:
Mindlessly stuffing your face with synthetic preservatives just because you claim it’s easy and it tastes good?

Or are you on the side of success and empowerment:
Eating the foods that best optimize your performance and well-being (which is still just as easy and in my opinion and tastes much better)?

Because it’s simple… you become what you eat.
Food is medicine. Just like chemicals in medications causes your body to have reactions and side effects so does the synthetic chemicals used in mass market “foods”.

What you put into your face becomes what fuels your head, heart and the vessel you have been assigned to take care of.
You are fueling the most precious and miraculous machine ever created–your body.

It cracks me up to see people be more careful about what they feed their dogs, cats and horses than they do themselves.
You wouldn’t feed your dog cake, cookies, muffins or a donut, right? Yet people shove those things into their pie-hole.

I’ve seen people reprimand a friend from giving their dog something from their plate saying, “Oh don’t feed him that, it’s not healthy for him” and then plop the same dang thing into their mouth (or feed it to their 2 year old kid).


Am I the crazy one here?
Or am I the only non-crazy one living in a loony bin?
Sometimes I’m not sure!

So here’s your challenge for today:
If you are at home right now (do this later today if you are not)…
1) Get up from where you are and go to the pantry.
2) Take everything out that has ingredients that were made by a guy in a lab coat and not by your mother (Mother Nature).
3) Throw it all away.

No, don’t give it to someone else to poison them, that’s criminal. Just pitch it.
Oh, I know you are saying “it’s perfectly good food” and you “feel bad about just throwing it out.”
First off, it is not, it is poison.
And secondly, you shouldn’t have brought it into the house in the first place.
You are just repenting for the sins of your poor decisions and willpower.
Chuck it.
All of it.
Don’t think about it.
Just do it.

To not do so, as my mentor Jim Rohn said, would be “pitiful“.

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