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Should You Stop Eating Meat After 4 PM?

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t diet and has an amazing body. Could avoiding meat after 4 p.m. be her weight-loss secret? Registered dietitian Christy Brissette gives her take.

By Christy Brissette

Personal trainer Dalton Wong has helped Jennifer Lawrence and other celebs get into shape—his book The Feelgood Plan (with a foreword by J.Law) hits shelves next week. While some of his advice is good, like focusing on vegetables and other nutrient-dense foods, choosing the right carbs, and making room for splurges, some of it is a little out of left field.

Wong suggests that eating meat late in the day causes your system to ramp up for digestion while you’re trying to wind down for bed. His idea is that if you eat meat at breakfast or lunch, you have a longer amount of time to properly digest. The myth that meat is hard to digest, like other diet myths, has been around for ages, but it has no science behind it.

Meat and vegetables take about the same amount of time to break down. Surprising? Meat has some fat to slow it down, and vegetables have fiber that has a similar effect. So the idea that meat sits around and rots in your digestive tract? Totally bogus. People lose weight on all kinds of diets and the timing of when you eat meat has nothing to do with it.

You don’t want to eat a large volume of food or fatty foods within three hours of going to bed, especially if you have acid reflux or indigestion. It’s also a good idea to avoid added sugars, refined carbs, and high-fat foods in your overall diet for a good night’s sleep. Other than that, eating meat at dinner won’t affect your sleep at all. Being hungry when you go to bed might, though—you could wake up looking for food!

At the end of the day, being a trainer doesn’t make you an expert in nutrition or digestion. Wong should stick to workout advice and leave nutrition to the nutrition experts.

2 thoughts on “Should You Stop Eating Meat After 4 PM?

  1. i thought this was going to go the other way, so glad it didn’t. Besides, a million body builders can’t be wrong. They eat lean protein like it’s their job and they have next to no body fat =) – What i do find strange is that so many people get wrapped up in this type of minutia before doing the most basic diet changes. Even if this was true, simply doing this with no other changes to the traditional Smerican diet would yield nothing in results, anyway. People should worry about the big stuff first, like the dreaded refined grains and added sugars.They can worry about things like food timing, blood type, carb cycling, etc when they get the basics under control. Good read, thanks for sharing.

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