Darren Hardy

How to Conquer Your Stress

Rise and shine!
Welcome to March.
Your final 30-day march to closing out Q1 of Sweet 16.

So how are you doing so far?
Are you ahead or behind on your BIG goals?

How are you feeling?
Calm and grounded or stressed and frazzled?

Look March Madness is fun for basketball, but not life.

If you are feeling a bit behind, stressed and overwhelmed, let me pass along some advice a mentor gave me one time when I met him for dinner all spun up and stressed out… watch the video.

Action for today:
Jot down what’s stressing you out right now.

And do the 4 steps:
1. Just DO the stuff you’ve putting off (and stop whining about it).
2. Don’t take yourself so dang seriously (nobody else is).
3. Stop trying to control everything (that’s why they call you a “freak” behind your back).
4. Just do what you can, accept what you can’t (and move the hell on).

Oh and don’t for get to B…R…E…A…T…H…E
It’s all not that important.

End the cycle of madness:
You can’t change the past, and you ruin the present by worrying about the future.

Just do what you can, accept what you can’t and move on.

Okay, kick some butt today!

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