Darren Hardy

Do you have a Problem?

Listen Here

Heeeeeyyyy, it’s FRIDAY!
Everybody dance!

So, to close out this week, I want to talk to you about this:

When you have a problem, you have an unanswered question.
So then the question is, what’s the question?


Listen to the audio above to find out…

Action For Today:
Today, question everything.
Today be a researcher, not an expert.
Have no answers, only questions.

Here is framework that I provided earlier:

Identifying the problem:
What seems to be the trouble?
How do I feel about _____________?
What concerns me the most about _____________?
What seems to be my main obstacle?
What is holding me back from _________________?

How do I want ____________ to turn out?
What do I want?
What is my desired outcome?
What benefits would I like to get out of X?
What do I propose?
What is my plan?

Now take the biggest problem you are dealing with right now, and instead of trying solve it willy-nilly, force it through the question gauntlet above.

Then say the magical four words at least 10 times today:
What do you think?

What is one question you wish you had the answer to in your life right now?

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