Darren Hardy

How to Feed Your Wolf

Do you know how to feed a wolf…specifically YOUR wolf??

We all have two wolves within each of us.
Which one you feed will determine and shape who you become.
Let me explain in the video above…

Action for today:
Today I want you to feed your “good wolf” a healthy, positive and abundant nutritional mental diet.

Cut out the bad food:

  • Sensational news media
  • Mind numbing TV
  • Political feuds and blathering
  • Distracting RSS feeds
  • Violent movies, games and other stuff that breeds darkness and fear into your thoughts.

Then start feeding it with nutrient dense materials.
Ones filled with positive, abundant, and hopeful messages.
Messages like the ones you find every morning in our DarrenDaily mentor chats.

Step into the world of abundance, splendor and the unlimited positive potential that surrounds you every day.
Focus your attention on ideas, information and knowledge that can help you grow, prosper, create and contribute to making a positive difference in your world… and you might just do something to change the world.

So, how will you feed your ‘good wolf’ today?

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