Darren Hardy

Why 3 is your POWER Number


There’s no minor project list.
There’s no back burner list.
There’s no side project list.
There’s no maybe we’ll get to this some day list.

Remember, never let those things that matter the least get in the way of those things that matter the most.

There’s only ONE list.
And on that list are only THREE priorities.
Period. The end.

Anything and everything else only drains the mental, physical, emotional, financial and spiritual resources you need to conquer (with excellence) your THREE.

Here’s an idea valued at $62.1 Billion (as of yesterday).
It’s Warren Buffett’s three-step method for prioritization:

  1. Take out a yellow notepad (doesn’t have to be yellow, that’s just Warren’s flavor) and write down every priority, demand, request project and solicitation on your time.
  2. Now narrow it down to the top three.
    So far so good, right?
    Seems simple. No problem. You’ve done that before.
    It’s the next step where most people don’t have the courage to do what it takes to stay focused.
    And it’s this final step that separates the simple-achievers from the super achievers (aka $62.1B net worth).
  3. Throw the rest of the list away.


Yep, as Jim Collins said (and Warren practices), “If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.”
And it’s easier said than done.
But that’s why few actually achieve significant success.

Don’t let your brain say, “Oh I already know this.”
Problem is… you’re not actually doing it… and then sticking to it.
Saying and knowing and DOING are all very different things.

Action for Today:

So today, try it.
You can go back to your way tomorrow (a case study result a little under $62.1B)

Do the Buffett Method.
1, 2…. and 3! And presto wham-o! You’ll feel like a new goose on a cool summers morning.

Do you have the spine to use the Buffett method?

One thought on “Why 3 is your POWER Number

  1. Great read..It’s very true when you take the time to break down your priorities and see what truly needs your attention…
    It works in life,work and family….
    I come to work everyday and write the Three things I need to do IN ORDER and not focus on anything else, until they are done…
    HIGHLY RECOMMEND this method

    Liked by 1 person

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