Darren Hardy

How to Better Leverage Your Fridays

Good Morning!
Are you sighing, saying to yourself, TGIF?

Hey, just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean you’re off the hook today.
In fact, not only do I want you to hustle extra hard at work, but I also want you to set yourself up for success next week.
Here’s how… watch video.

Action for today:
Try it, today.
Ya, today is Friday.
Plan next week before the day is out.

Then sink into your weekend.
Engage and enjoy it fully.

And you finally can!
Because your mind will be off the work grid, no longer needing to worry about what needs to get done on Monday.

You need the rest and recovery so you can crush it again next week.
And I’ll be there to help you.

Have a great weekend!

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