Darren Hardy

Why Do Jerks Exist?

Listen Here

Happy Thursday!
Got your coffee, tea or smoothie in hand?

Good because I find this a good opportunity to deliver your daily dose of mentoring tough love.

So ask yourself this:
Do you think people are jerks?
If people are being jerks to you, this is why… listen to audio.

Action for today:
Remember what we talked about yesterday?
You will be remembered for the problems you are solving or the problems you are creating.

So today, I want you to take an assessment.

What has been your experience of the people around you recently?

Whatever it is, they are mirroring YOU.
You are stimulating what you are putting out or are co-commiserating with your inner self.

Today, observe how people act around you.
Take notice.
They are your mirror.
If you want those and the world around you to change, change the image in the mirror.

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