Darren Hardy

How to get your MOJO back!

Yesterday we talked about finding your passion by discovering what you love to DO.
For step 2 of our series, I want to talk about how to love what you do.

Because let’s face it, we are not going to love what we do 100% of the time.
Because of this, over time the passion fuse burns a little less and less each day.
And if you are not careful, it burns out entirely and you fall into complete dismal discontent.

Which is why today, to prevent you from getting to that point, I’m going to reveal to you in the video above how to get your MOJO back and your passion burning strong again.

Action for today:
Consider this question for yourself:
Do you enjoy time off more than time on?

If so, then this is something to seriously think about.
This is no way to spend your precious life.

Now it might not be about WHAT you do for work.

It might be about how you are approaching it, what you are or are not putting into it and your attitude about it.

Every endeavor can be a fun, challenging and creative growth opportunity that draws the best out of you and has a positive impact on the people around you.

99.9% of the time, blaming what you do for why you don’t have passion or purpose in life is a cop out for having a bad attitude.

I’ve seen people from every conceivable profession (yours even!) who absolutely love their work and bring their best to it every day… and are fulfilled by it.

They have worthwhile work.
And so do you if you make it so.

Put your passion in the how (vs the what) and choose to make your work worthwhile, starting today.

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