Darren Hardy

Get IN the Game


Now that the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to get out of the stands and into the game of YOUR life.

Now I’m all for the spirit, entertainment and release that goes along with cheering on a sports team.
At the same time, I do find it odd that many people spend time following and studying the lives of other people more than they do their own.

Again, catching a sporting event when it is on is all good fun.
I’m talking about the investment some people give to following the lives and careers of other people, often more than their own.

Think about it: What if the time you spend…

-reading the sports page, you read a self-improvement book?
-listening to sports talk radio, you listen to an instructional CD or podcast?
-watching ESPN or Sports Center, you watch a seminar DVD or read a book?
-talking about sports scores and players, you talk about your goals and plans to achieve them?
-playing fantasy sports, you role-play your key skills training?

How would the trade of that time investment change your life scores and statistics?
I’m certain it would make YOU victorious… and far happier.

Oh, and let’s not leave out the non-sports fans.
What if the time you spend…

-reading People magazine and other gossip mags, you read SUCCESS magazine or other personal development articles?
-watching E! Entertainment, TMZ or Access Hollywood, you watched a seminar DVD or read a book?
-watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians, American Idol, or The Bachelor, you read a book about YOUR reality?
-talking (or gossiping) about other people’s lives and foibles, you talked about your lessons learned in life and plans for growth?

How would the trade of that time investment change your life scores and statistics?
I’m certain it would make you victorious, and far happier.

Am I saying that any time spent on any of the above for entertainment value is a bad thing?
Of course not.

What I am suggesting you look at, however, is the balance between the time you spend watching other people live out their dreams and the time you spend on making yours come true.

Last tip: Practice, train, develop, focus, and work as hard at your skills and career as the people you watch and admire do at theirs. Imagine that!

Hey look, this thing called life… IS your Super Bowl.
You gotta play to win. Prepared and fully focused on THE GAME.
You didn’t see any of the players reading People, gossiping about Friday night or binge-watching Breaking Bad on the sidelines did you?
That’s a clue.

Action for Today:
Get in the game today, YOUR game of life that is!
Do one thing today that will score you a point in personal development and growth today.

Whether it’s listening to an audiobook or podcast on your drive to work, reading a self-improvement book during your lunch break, or rinse and repeating one of the modules from a digital learning course at home tonight.
And if you want to score some touchdowns, then do one item each day for the rest of the week!

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